Essential Launches new suite for managing Exchange, AD & SharePoint

new suite for managing Exchange AD SharePoint

Essential is pleased to announce the launch of a new suite of monitoring and reporting tools for Exchange, Office 365 & Hybrid deployment, Active Directory & SharePoint.

Featuring the award-winning Mailscape product for Exchange monitoring and reporting, the ENow Management System from US-based Microsoft ISV, ENow, also includes Compass, for Active Directory monitoring and reporting, and ForeSite for SharePoint.

The latest product to be added to the line-up, ForeSite, automatically tests all SharePoint services to ensure they are running optimally, warning of any performance problems or stopped services that could compromise mission-critical applications. All of SharePointÂ’s underlying core technologies including IIS, Active Directory and SQL are also monitored with ForeSite.

For more information on the suite, specific details on the features of Mailscape, Compass or ForeSite please visit our management solutions page.


Start monitoring & reporting your cloudy world.

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