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Group Calendar for Exchange & Outlook

Enterprise web based group calendar to solve your team needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does AgendaX work?

AgendaX runs as a server-based Windows Service which reads appointments of selected users in regular intervals from the Microsoft Exchange Server Message Stores and writes the information into a central database (any kind of ODBC compliant database, e.g., Microsoft Access, SQL Server, SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle etc.). The calendar information is then published by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) on the corporate Intranet or Internet site using a set of Active Server Pages accessed via a web browser.

2. What are the System Requirements for running AgendaX?
3. Do I need to install AgendaX directly on the Exchange Server?
4. Can I use AgendaX with my hosted Exchange provider?
5. How does the Agenda X service interface with an Exchange cluster server environment?
6. How easy is it to configure AgendaX?
7. How easy is it to tailor AgendaX?
8. How does AgendaX reflect calendar security in what it displays?
9. How are Groups created?
10. Can we book meetings via AgendaX?
11. If documents are attached in the calendar, are they pulled to the SQL database as well?
12. Can I use AgendaX to show calendars across separate Exchange organisations?
13. How is AgendaX Licenced?
14. What browsers are supported?
15. How scalable is AgendaX?
16. Does AgendaX cope with different time zones?
17. What about different language support
18. How does using AgendaX compare with using Outlook Calandar?