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Email Recovery

Whether a result of malicious intent, over-zealous house-keeping or system failure, vital emails can and will go missing. Essential's recovery experts work alongside IT, legal and forensic staff to uncover lost emails in response to eDiscovery requests and litigation. We also empower organisations with tools and techniques to perform their own retrievals from archives, backups and other locations.

For example, you could use DigiScope - a powerful, flexible, cost-efficient and easy-to-use application that you can give to legal, compliance and HR to carry out email related discovery and recovery tasks directly from:

  • Production Exchange servers
  • Exchange database snapshots
  • Un-mounted or offline Microsoft Exchange Server databases
  • 3rd party backup or storage solutions such as Microsoft Data Protection Manager, VMware images, EMC Replication Manager, Windows backup files
    PST files


Here are just some of the key features offered by DigiScope.


Repair & Recover from Corrupted Exchange Databases

Do you have an Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 or 5.5 Database (EDB) that will not mount due to missing logs, damage or corruption?

DigiScope performs in-depth EDB Repair actions to check and correct log rollup issues, remove errors, corruption and damaged pages in order to repair the Exchange Database and make it mountable via DigiScope for Exchange Data Recovery.


Powerful Browsing & Searching of ANY Mailbox, Public Folder, Message, Calendar, Task or other Email Items

Digiscope provides an advanced forensic view of any Exchange store, mailbox, folder or Item.

An Outlook-like view lets authorised individuals look navigate all or restricted mailboxes and folders, ordering items according to over 60 available columns (including from, to, date, subject, sensitivity, etc), and viewing or opening any message.Β Β

Authorised staff, including HR staff, legal staff and external data recovery firms, can also use DigiScope to search for: Β

  • Keywords and phrases appearing in emails
  • Keywords and phrases appearing in attachments (many applications supported)
  • Patterns appearing in emails (e.g. credit card numbers and 'phone numbers)
  • Items with and without attachments
  • Related conversations and other criteria

All items are viewed in read-only mode, therefore the message state (read/unread) will not change. Hovering over a message with attachment(s) will display detailed information about the items such as creation date, author and the first few lines of content.


Easily Recover & Restore Items

Digiscope offers a drag-and-drop interface for restoring individual emails or for restoring target mailboxes, folders, messages, contacts, schedules, and other items from:

  • Offline, un-mounted mailbox and public folder Exchange database (EDB) contents to a live production Exchange Server
  • Un-mounted mailbox and public folder Exchange database (EDB) contents to a PST File
  • PST file contents to a live production Exchange server
  • PST file contents to a PST file

Flexible recovery options include the ability to restore missing only items and exclude any copies (e.g. for recovery purposes) or restore all copies of a missing item (recommended for forensic purposes); and include, exclude or ONLY restore items that have been soft OR HARD deleted from the dumpster.


Flexible Export Options

Individual items, the contents of folders, search results etc, can be exported to a flexible range of options including PST files, MSG files, XML files, an existing online Exchange server and so on. Attachments only can also be exported to a defined disk area or into .ZIP files.