Hot Desk Booking Solution for the Enterprise

If your enterprise is rationalising its estates, we can help you optimise your desk booking and scheduling using Outlook or through our hot desk booking touchscreens

In today’s business environment, staff are only spending a fraction of their time at the office. Desk sharing offers organisations the ability to cut their office space overheads significantly.

As a project, desk sharing needs careful planning as it involves a cultural change.  The process of booking work spaces also needs to be as easy as possible, and this is where we can help.

A feature packed solution that builds on your enterprise

Book in Advance

Book your preferred desk on the time you need it, based location and many other criteria, including proximity to services like lifts and printers, and book additional available services such as parking.

Book on the spot

A range of touch screen technology and desk cubes enable 'on the day' desk bookings and allow staff to check-in to pre-booked facilities.

Book a desk anywhere

Find your desired desk to book anywhere with the interactive floor plan.

Work with your team

Our solution enables flexible working employees to find their relevant team members and book a hot desk in proximity to them.

Easy check-out

Easily check-out when your job is done and the desk is no longer needed. The hot-desk becomes available instantly for others to use.

Easy for staff to use

Using Microsoft Outlook Calendar as the 'default portal' staff can organise their desk needs in advance, using familiar technology.

Report and optimise

Get usability reports on all your flexi-desks and hot-desks and pinpoint areas where utilisation can further improve.

Use your corporate identity

Booking hot-desks and flexi-desks can be done using RFID enabled cards or corporate email accounts using your Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 infrastructure.

Zero double bookings

Use of standard Exchange resources and real-time status checks means there's no risk of contention.

Improve your desk to staff ratio

By enabling flexible working, our solution can help you deliver the desired desk to staff ratio.

Save Costs

Achieve savings in real estate costs, catering expenses and staff time.

Become more eco-friendly

By utilising your estates better you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Flexi-working and smart meeting space booking helps shrink real-estate costs

What our customers say


We freed up 285 desks at our Camden office and predict about another 200 when we roll out the solution to our Willesden office.

Jenny Quigley, Genesis Housing

Project Manager,

Introducing Qubi3: Low-cost Desk & Workspace Booking Status Indicators

This low cost, simple device is perfect for agile workspaces and inside glass-walled meeting rooms.

  • Use on individual desks
  • Use inside meeting rooms
  • Colour-coded glow:
    • Green = free
    • Red = in use
    • Flashing green = about to be in use
    • Blue = do not disturb
  • Simple tilt to Check In or Out
  • Optional Check In using RFID Card or email
  • Secure wireless operation
  • RJ45 Power Over Ethernet or AIR

Overview Screens, Kiosks and mobile devices

Use larger screens combined with menu systems and interactive floor plans to book desks, parking, quiet zones and more.

  • Tailor-able fonts, images, colours
  • Navigable floor plans & menus
  • Display status at a glance and drill-down to details
  • On screen booking and check-in via Password, PIN, RFID Card & email
  • Extend, Check out and auto-release
  • Display messages & other details (e.g. traffic)
  • Other services = e.g. ‘LOCATE A COLLEAGUE’, ‘FIND MY MEETING’


With mobile access you can view booking status, make bookings and check-in/out from any mobile device.

  • Check-in and check-out from your seat
  • Give staff a convenient way to view resource status and make bookings simply by scanning strategically-placed QR signs
  • Supports virtually all SmartPhones (except Blackberry).

See our room & desk booking solution in action!

Discover how we can help you manage your meeting rooms & desk bookings in order to utilise your estates more effectively.