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Discover your journal migration options

When you need to move your journals from an on-premises archive or Exchange, or a hosted journaling service such as Mimecast or Proofpoint, there’s a range of alternatives to choose from.

We can help answer questions such as

  • Can we reconstruct our journal archives into the right format a new archive?
  • Is it OK to move journals into one or more Microsoft 365 mailboxes without breaking licencing rules?
  • How can we ensure all the relevant metadata is preserved and discoverable post-migration?
  • Should we consider an alternative storage and eDiscovery platform for our journals?

Migrating your journals to Office 365 is just one option, but it’s not ‘plain sailing’! Check out this explainer video

Audit Your Move

Provide your legal team with proof that all data moved is fully audited and nothing has slipped through the net.  We can deliver:

  • Detailed chain-of-custody reports
  • At-a-glance migration status updates
  • Auto-retries of any failed items
  • Inbuilt trouble shooting & online KB

Preserve Vital Metadata

Preserve compliance-critical BCC’d recipients and distribution list member information as you move – especially if you’re switching into Microsoft 365.  We can talk you through the various options and caveats that are available to you.

Move Quickly

Your journals will be moved using high-speed connectors that deliver the fastest yet safest archive extractions around using banking-style transactions that move your data end to end in one step.  There’s no interim stages or formats that add time and risk to your project.

Be Selective

Where appropriate to your business and legal remit, you can create policies to determine what gets migrated from your journal and where it gets migrated to, move items <10 years to Microsoft 365, include users in the finance department only, migrate items > 10 years old to a secure cloud service

Get Expert Advice & Proven Solutions

Our experienced team can help guide you through the various considerations as you move your compliance-sensitive records.

Combined with proven migration solutions and secure hosting services we can give your business the ultimate peace of mind.

Secure, compliant journal migration.

If you need to move an existing journal to a new platform, you’ll face a number of challenges.

Vital envelope metadata including any recipients that were BCC’d or part of a distribution list (DL) at the time the email was sent must be preserved to ensure accurate eDiscovery.

  • Your legal department will be keen to get a complete audit that proves every item has been successfully migrated and that chain-of-custody has been maintained.
  • If you’re migrating to Microsoft 365, there’s no equivalent of a single-instanced journal mailbox.
  • You may decide that you don’t want to ‘put all your eggs in one basket’ by migrating journals into Microsoft 365.
  • Extracting your journal from a hosted platform such as Mimecast or Proofpoint can be extremely costly.

Get in touch with Essential to talk through the options and considerations when making your move.

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