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Scalable & Selective PST Content Migration

PST files have long been a pain to IT departments and the enterprise as a whole

They are difficult to secure and backup, and their contents are virtually impossible to search and manage in line with business and compliance needs.

Now is the ideal time to eliminate them – and we can help you do it effectively and accurately – in a way that meets technical and data management challenges.

  • Auto-locate PSTs across the enterprise.
  • Analyse and profile PST contents.
  • Manage PST contents in line with business and operational needs.
  • Be selective in what you move, e.g. only emails < 10 years old.
  • Move in 1, end-to-end step, reducing time and removing risk.
  • Migrate PSTs to Office 365, Azure and other targets.
  • Handle legacy shortcuts found in PSTs.
  • Optionally single-instance duplicates and near duplicates.
  • Get clear visibility on how your PST cleanup operation is progressing.

Get control over your PST estate

Our PST migration and management solutions offer a range of options for tackling PSTs at both a file and content-level.

Whether on file servers, local disks, office-based systems or laptops, you can get an overall profile of your enterprise PST content and start managing the individual items in PSTs in line with your business, technical and compliance needs.
Whether you want to migrate PSTs into users’ own Office 365 mailboxes, or simply capture them ‘wholesale’ and manage them in line with compliance and future eDiscovery needs – we can help.

Understand What’s In Your PST Files

Instead of migrating everything, you can initially profile and then manage your company’s PST contents according to many criteria including age, size, owner, sender, message class, attachments, etc.

Manage PSTs ‘In Situ’

Sometimes it’s not always possible to totally eliminate PSTs. In these situations you have the option of managing PSTs ‘in situ’, with a range of functions at your fingertips such as: Maintain a central PST backup copy Delete specified items (e.g. emails older than 5 years) Get a copy of emails sent between Mr X & Ms Y on a given date Flag all newly created content.

Take Control

Following analysis, you can enforce policies that will manage your PST data in line with your business, operational and compliance needs.

Advanced Monitoring & Flexibility

PSTs are notoriously difficult to deal with. They are designed for single user access, get stored on local disks, network drives, memory sticks, etc. Are often copied, and can even get corrupted as they grow in size, etc.

Case Studies

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