Meeting Room, Desk & Resource booking built on Office 365 & Exchange

Schedule meeting rooms, hot desks & other resources straight in Outlook Calendar and based from your current Office 365 and Exchange enterprise infrastructure.

Streamlining how meeting rooms, hot desks & other resources are used has never been easier - or more readily adopted across the entire enterprise.

Take advantage of your existing Microsoft Outlook & Exchange/Office 365 investment to achieve optimal user and support experience, performance, and enterprise-grade scalability.

resource management structure

Familiar UI - Minimises learning curve, no separate login

Standard resources - Stops double bookings

Multi-bookings - E.g. partitioned rooms, video conferencing rooms

Proven Infrastructure - Reduces COO

On-premises or in the cloud - Simply choose the service model that suits you.

Central security -  SSO - Uses Windows auth and AD access rights/privileges

Hosted On-Premises, in your Cloud or as a SaaS

Deploy the solution on-premises, in Azure or as a SaaS. and combine optimum security, flexibility and scalability.

You can also start with a fully on-premises solution and transition to the cloud as your strategy evolves.

Essentials’ experienced team will take the lead in getting your service up and running and empowering your team to get the most out of your investment.

Our Essential Plus option includes monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, health checks and re-configuration to keep your service running smoothly.


room & desk booking server deployed on-prem or cloud.cp

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Support & licensing options

On-premises or cloud implementation 

Planning, Screen Design & Training

Perpetual or subscription license 

Standard or advanced support packages

Essential Support

  • Software Support
  • Version Assurance
  • Screens Warranty

Essential+ Support

  • Software Support
  • Version Assurance
  • Screens Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Health checks
  • Unlimited configuration

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