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Resource Booking

In today’s business environment, staff are only spending a fraction of their time at the office

Our resource booking system supports meeting organisers and service providers alike by providing a convenient way of making requests, and then the workflow to route requests to the relevant service providers involved (both internal and external) along with automated tracking of any amendments and cancellations.

Book everything you need in one place

Integrated order forms let meeting organisers request any additional resources at the same time as scheduling a meeting in Outlook or Teams calendar.

Simplify complex resource requests

Forms can be tailored to streamline the most complex bookings, such as multiple catering choices and service times, allergen requests and so on. Additional information such as cost-codes can be added or selected from drop-down menus.

Streamline resource provision

All requests are automatically sent to the relevant service providers, and any changes automatically tracked. Service providers can easily make room changes or catering replacements where needed.

Avoid waste

Automatic reminders and an easy way for organisers and service provdiers to make amendments help avoid waste, such as excess catering and unused parking spaces.


Save time & effort

Order additional services in under 2 minutes

Request any associated services along with your workspace booking from an intuitive form with all the options available to you:

  • Catering choices & service timings
  • Seating layouts
  • AV equipment & teleconferencing services
  • Visitor badges, parking spaces & more.

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Benefits for facilities staff

Streamline service provision

Make it as easy as possible for service providers.

Ensure service and resource requests are automatically sent to the relevant service provider.  Streamline the process further by automatically processig requests according to policies you set.  For example, you might only auto-accept orders for executive meeting rooms from PAs and directors.

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Covid Compliant

Automatically add cleaning and make other safety services available on request

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“In the past the process of preparing for a customer visit involved lots of phone calls and email traffic to ensure everything would be in place. By adding the process of booking resources into the standard Outlook appointment booking service we anticipate a lot of staff time will be saved.”

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Brian Lyall, Renishaw

Resource & Service Booking Benefits

User Benefits

Facilities staff

Covid Compliant

User Benefits

Locate the features you need

Quickly and easily locate the the optimal workspace for your needs: filter on attributes such as meeting room occupancy, buit-in equipment (e.g. VC facilities), accessibility and many other features (e.g. standing desk, docking station).


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Facilities staff

Intelligent workflow

When an order form is completed, notifications go to all relevant internal and external facilities staff, including internal or external catering, the IT team, porters, reception staff, cleaners, etc.

Covid Compliant

Automatically add cleaning and make other safety services available on request.

Allow for cleaning

Add buffer times between all room and desk bookings to allow for cleaning, with the option to automatically send cleaning requests to facilities staff as staff finish using their room or desk.

Streamline your resource scheduling

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