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About Visitor Management

Impress Visitors – Enhance Their Safety

When visitors arrive at your building, they immediately form an opinion of your company. Giving them a warm welcome and speedy, correct information will create a great impression. Knowing who is in your building is also vital for maintaining security and safety, for example, in the event of a fire or be able to trace booking attendance in the event of a post-visit infection.

Avoid queues & delays

Enable receptionists to quickly check visitors in, print badges, read any special instructions to enhance their visit (e.g. accessibility requirements) and automatically notify hosts.

Book visitor passes, parking & more

Visitor & contact details, parking spaces and any special requests that will make a visitor’s stay more comfortable, can be made in advance.

Send notifications

Marking arrivals in the visitor administration page automatically emails (or texts) a notification to the meeting organiser, saving time for reception staff and enabling organisers to greet their visitors in a timely fashion.

Allow self-service

Take the load off busy receptions with self-service kiosks for visitors pass printing, arrival and delivery notifications.

Visitor Management Features

Business benefits

Business benefits

No longer do receptionists have to spend an inordinate amount of time signing visitors in and notifying hosts.

Information gathered at the point of booking

Meeting attend information along with special requests such as parking, accessibility assistance, allergen information and, can be booked in advance via Outlook-integrated form.

Automate your visitor management process

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