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On-demand, multi-source journaling delivered in your Azure

Fully managed in Azure

Completely turn-key whether the service runs in your Azure account or ours.

Fast Searching

Index content at blazing speeds. Perform searches using custodian, folder, keywords, and metadata. Save searches to a case. Sort results in various ways, including relevancy. See results with hit highlighting.

No lock in

A true cloud model, we do not lock your data in either technically or contractually. Pay only for what you use.

WORM Storage

Meet regulatory and legal requirements with our Write Once Read Many (WORM) retention in any Azure datacenter in the world. The service can also be your designated third party (D3P) with attestation to the regulatory body about your compliance.

Data aware storage

Once stored in the cloud, you can visualise and query what you have and make informed and defensible decisions on what to keep.  You can also build policies, audit all activity and perform eDiscovery as and when you need.

Data Governance

Collect Journal feeds, apply retention policies, put items on litigation hold, get WORM compliance and prevent data loss.

How we can help you

When migrating to the ‘journal free’ Microsoft 365 platform, enterprises face the dual dilemma of:

a) How to protect their existing email journals, and
b) Whether to use the Microsoft 365 ‘compliance model’ or maintain journals elsewhere.

Using our combined legacy journal migration and Azure-based journal service, you can both preserve existing on-premises Exchange journals and continue to capture a journal feed direct from your Microsoft 365 tenant.

With the option of storing data in your own Azure tenant, you can keep your compliance journals completely under your control.

And, combined with our low-cost eDiscovery service, you can harness powerful on-demand search in response to investigation requests.


  • Low cost storage
  • Fast, scalable searching
  • Legal hold
  • WORM retention in any global Azure data centre
  • Identity and access management tools
  • Activity auditing
  • Capture SMTP feeds from Exchange, Microsoft 365 & other sources
  • Legacy data ingestion

Case Studies

Find out how we can help you adopt & adapt the Microsoft Modern Workplace & Azure Cloud for your business