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Easy Directory Synchronisation Tool

Active Directory Migration & Consolidation

If you're going through a hybrid migration from on-premises Exchange to Office 365 or a merger or acquisition (involving a tenant to tenant migration), the need to synchronise disparate directories in the short term is desirable.

It enables you to represent your brand with a single email domain name and ensures users on different domains can work as a single team during the period of change.

Incompatible Directories

Many enterprises have several incompatible or separate directories that underpin their corporate application access and security systems.

Secure synchronisation of key attributes across these directories can result in significant time savings, enhanced security and efficiencies.

Essential Directory Synchronisation Tool

Our easy directory synchronisation tool provides a centrally managed service via which you can keep content in different directories, resource databases - even spreadsheets - in step with each other.

Virtually all LDAP directories, cloud directories and databases can be synchronised.

Our tool does not itself become the main directory and it doesn't create a central, master directory.  It simply synchronises directory information, so there's no issues over politics or security, or maintaining yet another directory!

It’s also incredibly easy to configure and can save months of effort in say, building a global directory, using Microsoft's Azure Active Directory Connect tool (formerly DirSync) and other 3rd party tools.

You can also it in combination with other tools like Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) and Azure AD Sync Services.


By keeping disparate directories in sync with each other you can:

  • Allow a smooth AD consolidation without time-pressures
  • Support hybrid Exchange environments
  • Do cloud to cloud directory sync between any combinatios of systems (Google, Microsoft etc).
  • Drive the provisioning (& deprovisioning) of AD accounts from the Human Resources Department
  • Enable same password logon for legacy apps that don't support single sign on (SSO)
  • Allow multiple geos/locations to manage their own directories.

The IT Pro's favourite dirsync tool

By keeping disparate directories in sync with each other you can:

  • Allow a smooth AD consolidation without time-pressures
  • Support hybrid Exchange environments
  • Provision AD accounts from HR systems
  • Securely embrace cloud technology without being 'held back' by legacy on-premises applications
  • Enable same password logon for legacy apps that don't support single sign on (SSO).


Independent MVP Review

"I have seen this tool in use at a range of customers, from government to manufacturing companies.  It’s a fairly compact, easy to install and easy to configure package...The difference between this and the alternatives I’ve seen and used is that it makes the task of building a global directory very simple and didn’t disappoint."

- Steve Goodman, MVP

Why would you need a directory synchronisation tool?

Secure, Inter-company Updates

For large organisations that have disparate messaging systems, or
communicate regularly with ‘partner’ organisations, keeping inter-domain directory services up-to-date can be challenging.

For example companies often won’t agree to a single schema or allow write access to their directories. Now you can eliminate these issues: each party keeps their own directory, and automatically synchronise the relevant data. Where encrypted messaging is used, you can also synchronise Public Keys.

Provisioning User Accounts

Each time an employee is added to your HR or ERP database (e.g. PeopleSoft, Sage Group, Kronos, SAP, Oracle, ABRA, ADP), UnitySync can automatically propagate their details into Active Directory (AD) in order to provision an account on-premises or in Office 365.  You can also update other business systems such as a PABX system or company phone book (white pages).

Similarly user accounts can be amended, disabled or deleted when employee records are updated.

This is vital, as failing to de-provision a user account in AD in a timely fashion when a member of staff leaves can create a huge security risk.


Hybrid Exchange Services, Contingency & Co-Existence

By using our synchronisation tool you can ease Exchange migrations and long-term co-existence of say, onsite and hosted (Office 365) services, by synchronising AD domains, or multiple AD Forests (and enabling cross forest migrations).

You can also use it to create ‘Mail Enabled User Objects’ in a separate AD Forest that can be activated as an emergency server.

Maintaining a Common Domain Name

Sometimes it’s useful to standardise on a corporate email address but still have multiple ‘internal’ domains, e.g. following a takeover, merger or acquisition.

Our Swap Proxy function can be used to update Exchange primary email addresses for the 'outside world', switching the old address into the secondary or‘proxy’ address list. Other approaches to handling email address unification are also available.

Synchronise most directories and databases

  • Cloud Based: Office 365 (O365) Exchange (and Office 365-Office 365!)
  • LDAP Based: Active Directory, ADAM/AD LDS, Microsoft Exchange 5.5/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013, Novell NDS/eDirectory, OpenLDAP, Oracle Internet Directory, SunONE/iPlanet Directory, Zimbra, Apple OpenLDAP, CommuniGate Pro, Google, iMail, Lotus Notes/Domino, Mimecast, ViewDS and other LDAP based products.
  • Custom: Groupwise, Office 365 (O365) Exchange
  • SQL: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and and other database products that use ODBC drivers.
  • Text: LDIF, CSV

We have recently merged with another company and we are both running our own domain/Exchange environments and are under increasing pressure to have all users appear in both companies (sic) address books. We were initially looking at using the MS tools (IIFP) to do this, but after seeing what UnitySync can do, the solution looks a lot easier and would allow us to both keep control of our own environments (something I’m sure both IT departments are keen to do, I know we are!)

We have been using this tool for a number of years and have been extremely happy with the product and quality of service we have been provided with. It is extremely easy to configure and to set up any new connections with a variety of different directory types. Any issues or questions are promptly addressed and answered to our satisfaction. Due to this we have actually recommended it to our colleagues and clients as they have identified new requirements. This has resulted in an increased usage of the product within our department.

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