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Upgrade & re-organise Enterprise Vault

Do you need to upgrade an EV Vault to the later OSIS format, migrate a Vault to a new storage device or merge Vaults following a merger or restructuring?

We help you move your Vaults quickly and easily and without user downtime.

EV upgrade email archive migration

Looking for a super fast & reliable way to upgrade or move around your Vaults?

Essential can help you move content from Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) into the latest version of EV, different Vault locations or Vault storage devices.  We can also migrate archives between totally separate EV domains.

Our technology of choice is TransVault, the first-ever solution to be approved under the Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP) and guaranteed to make your move as fast and smooth as possible.

Move your archive in 1 safe, fast step

Your data is moved direct with no interim stages or formats (such as EML).  TransVault is also unique in the industry in that it offers a choice of EV connections:

  • Direct from disk for high speed and minimal impact on your environment.
  • Native EV API for 100% assurance and support for older EV versions and uncommon storage and message types.

TransVault can also automatically switch between both types of access with its unique hybrid connector giving you the fastest speeds without compromising reliability.

Prioritising the end-user experience

Even though EV does a good job of keeping in synch with mailbox shortcuts, shortcut deletions in particular can often get 'missed'.

TransVault faithfully mirrors shortcut status to ensure a seamless experience for users post-migration, for example, ensuring deleted items don't re-appear.

You can also migrate your Vaults with zero downtime for end users.

100% Data Integrity

As part of the migration you'll get detailed chain-of-custody reports showing time-stamped, 1:1 mappings of the item ID in the 'old' EV archive and the new ItemID created in the 'new' archive, enabling your business to meet compliance objectives.

Ready to migrate your Vaults?

Complete the form and benefit from a free workshop with one of our migrations specialists.

From the outset, Essential provided us with a lot of information about preparing for the migration and what to expect from the process. They also had a good understanding of compliance and audit requirements, all of which gave us a lot of confidence in their approach.

- Bob Greenwood, IT Manager, Trowers & Hamlins Law Firm

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