Email Archive Migration to Office 365

email archive migration to the office 365

Email Archive Migration to Microsoft Office 365

Move your on-premises archives directly into Office 365 in 1 step, maintaining full chain-of-custody and ensuring a seamless experience for end users.

Powerful, Super Fast Email Archive Migration to Office 365

  • Migrate directly to Office 365 primary mailboxes or In-place Archives (or a combination of both).
  • Supports migration from Enterprise Vault, EAS, EmailXtender, SourceOne, Quest, Metalogix, AXS-One and more.
  • Move in 1, end-to-end step, reducing time and removing risk.
  • Be selective in what you move, e.g. only emails < 10 years old.
  • Remove legacy shortcuts from mailboxes.
  • Achieve optimum speed thanks to cutting-edge performance techniques.
  • Get a full audit trail of each item moved.

Key benefits migrating your email archives to Office 365 with us.

Proven in over 2,000 migrations, you can be assured your email archives are in safe hands with Essential as you move to Office 365.

Even if you don't have a regulatory need to protect your records, ensuring staff maintain quick and easy access to past business transactions and other information held in emails can have a massive impact on business efficiency and your bottom line.

Here are some of the benefits we can offer you:


High-speed connectors deliver the fastest yet safest archive extraction, combining Microsoft best practices with expert algorithms to give you the fastest, 1-step migrations direct into Office 365. 

Whether we're delivering your entire user onboarding service, or just the migration piece, we'll get you there quickly.

User Aware

Sometimes legacy archives get 'out of synch' (or don't synch shortcuts at all).  This can lead to deleted items re-appearing or ending up in the wrong folders post-migration.

All this is taken care of, we also delete legacy shortcuts so they don't appear in Office 365.

This means no surprises, no confusion and no loss of productivity 'post migration'.


Advanced filtering lets you easily select what gets migrate and where. E.g.

  • Move selected departments/folders/users
  • Move items > 2 years to archive mailboxes
  • Migrate deleted items to the RIF

We can help you map existing policies into your Office 365 retention policies.


All data moved is fully audited and nothing slips through the net...

  • Detailed chain-of-custody reports
  • At a glance migration status updates
  • Auto-retries of any failed items
  • Inbuilt trouble shooting & online KB

Fixed Price Service

We will deliver your migration as a fully-managed, fixed price service.

You get 100% peace of mind your archives are moved expertly and securely.

"The product had enough flexibility to handle our specific requirements and get us the speeds we were looking for in terms of throughput to Office 365. I would not hesitate in recommending this software, and indeed, Essential, as a service delivery partner, to anyone asked."

 - Ian Gates, Director of Group IT, Capita

Request a quote now & ask about our free consultations!

Migrate to Office 365 from virtually any source archive!

Regardless of your source, rest assured that we will be able to move your email archives into Office 365 fast, reliably and securely.  We are able to support almost all major email archive solutions to be moved into Office 365.

Here are some common migration routes, but see the supported archives listing below for more options.

EV to office 365 email archive migration

Enterprise Vault to Office 365

EAS to Office 365 email archive migration

HP/Autonomy/Zantaz EAS to Office 365

MAM to Office 365 email archive migration

Metalogix Archive Manager to Office 365

AXS One to office 365 email archive migration

AXS One to Microsoft Office 365

Other source archives supported for Office 365 migration

Autonomy Consolidated Archive (ACA)

Autonomy Message Manager for Exchange or Notes (aka CAMM)

Autonomy NearPoint (aka Mimosa)

Assentor Mailbox Manager (aka iLumin)

EMC EmailXtender for Exchange or Notes

EMC SourceOne for Exchange or Notes


OpenText IXOS-eCONserver

Quest Archive Manager

EML, MSG, PST or NSF files

Unify Daegis AXS-One for Exchange or Lotus Notes

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